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JSU Certified Online Instructor

Online@JSU offers two options to instructors at Jacksonville State University who wish to become JSU certified online instructors.

Please open and read ALL accordion links below to review the information.

Instructors are encouraged to select the option that best meets their needs.

Both options lead to JSU online instructor certification and a $500 stipend.

**Please note--the COI Program and the stipend are available only to full-time JSU faculty at this time.

Open the first accordion link below to learn about the JSU Certified Online Instructor Program.

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The JSU Certified Online Instructor Program

Option 1: 6-Week Hybrid Course during the Fall Semester(open to 16 faculty members)

Option 2: Fully Online, Self-Paced Course during each semester (open to 20 faculty members in Fall Semester, and 24 faculty members during Spring Semester)

Registration is open to a total of 6 faculty members per school during the Fall semester and 4 faculty members per school during the Spring Semester.

Objectives and Topics: During the course, instructors will learn and apply best practices in building and teaching an online course. The course covers topics such as creating pathways (course navigation), creating and organizing content, accessibility and ADA, learning objectives and assignment alignment and learning unit design and build.

Delivery Method: 6-Week Hybrid Course--1 introductory face-to-face meeting, with learning modules to be completed in Blackboard. Additional face-to-face meetings are held at faculty request, with virtual, synchronous meetings via Collaborate Ultra or Skype options available. Faculty members will interact with each other during the 6-week course.

Delivery Method: Completely online, at the faculty member's own pace, with learning modules completed via JSU Website and Blackboard.

Deliverables expected to be created during the course: a complete Start Here module, one complete learning unit/module using backward design principles, a complete course navigation mockup, an online teaching and communication plan, and more. 

Open the next accordion link to find out how you earn the COI Certificate and the Stipend.

Earning the Certificate and the Stipend

In order to earn both the certificate and the stipend, the instructor must do two things: 1) complete the JSU Certified Online Instructor Course, and 2) finish building or updating a complete course.  

As stated in the previous section, while completing the Certified Online Instructor Course, the faculty member completes only a full Start Here module and one complete learning module. Therefore, to earn the complete certificate and earn the stipend, the faculty member must continue building or updating the course until the faculty member has built a complete course.

Once the faculty member believes they have built a complete course, they will submit the course to instructional designers at Online@JSU to review and provide feedback. Once the faculty member makes any suggested changes identified by the instructional designer and notifies the instructional designer, the instructional designer will do one final review and make a recommendation that the faculty member receives the certificate and the stipend. 

**Option 1: 6-Week Hybrid Course is offered in the Fall of each semester and is available to 16 faculty members. Faculty members who take this option must complete the course during the Fall semester, but they have until the following semester to build out their entire new course.

**Option 2: Fully Online Self-Paced Course is open for enrollment to faculty during the first 3 weeks of a semester and then closes. Faculty who sign up for this option must complete the course and build a complete course by the end of the semester. (Open to 20 faculty members during Fall semester, and 24 faculty members during Spring semester.)

Open the next accordion link to apply for the Certified Online Instructor Program.

Apply Now

If you are interested in earning certification in online teaching at JSU, please apply.

Open the next accordion link to discover past certification recipients.

Previous Certificate Recipients

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